Learning Styles and Habits

knowledge of learning styles requires much attention when it comes to language learning. Learners have their own learning styles and techniques, therefore it would be counterproductive to try to make them follow a certain learning strategy. The best way to tackle learning is to become aware of how and when you learn best. to do this you need to ask yourself some questions:

Questions to ask yourself:

Learning styles and habits
  1. When do I find it easiest to learn? (early morning, evening, before going to sleep)
  2. How long can I focus on learning something new? (15 minutes/1 hour)
  3. Can I learn something in the first try or do I need to repeat the same lesson?(1×30 min plan/2×15 min plan)
  4. Do I learn better when watching something or by listening? (visual/auditory)
  5. Do I learn better when I read or when I write? (reader/writer)
  6. Do I learn better if I am alone or if I practice with others?
  7. Do I learn better through retention or through teaching or talking about it to someone?
  8. Am I more comfortable with repeating a lesson or do I enjoy going through new lessons and practice trough trial and error?

learning styles and habits

You can add to these questions or simply pay more attention to the conditions which help you better enjoy yourself and learn at the same time. Based on the information you gather using these questions you can schedule and design a learning plan that helps you tackle your course without feeling tired, disappointed, or worried about the process. Whenever you feel that the

After you figure out how and when you learn best, you need to be aware of the processes the brain goes through to analyze data and store information. Learning techniques helps you be more aware of the stages of your language learning, and use strategies to make the most of it. Refer to learning techniques for more information.

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