Writing Tasks 1 & 2: Blockchain

    Writing tasks 1 & 2 tackle Business English skills in the area of technology, namely blockchain. Since this new technology is being discussed frequently these days, it is important keep it on top of the list of Business English topics.

    In 2018, a Deloitte issued a survey with 1,000 participants. All participants were executives from around the world. Blockchain is the focus of the survey and it explores views on the effects of blockchain on businesses. The link below shows a chart from the Deloitte survey published online by Wall Street Journal. The chart reflects the participants’ views on the effect of blockchain on their particular industry.

Note: You must keep a record of your tasks in a portfolio. Name every task based on the portfolio code given with each task.


Writing Task 1

Portfolio code: RWT001 – Tech

    Open the link, study the chart, and Write an essay discussing the results. Your views should also be included. Your essay needs should contain 200 words and you have 20 minutes to complete the task.



Writing Task 2

Portfolio code: RWT002 – Tech

    Open the link below. Discuss the information in an essay. The essay should be no less than 150 words. You have 20 minutes to complete this task.




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