Business English: human resources verbs part 2

Human Resources Verbs: Part 2

In this post, you will find the second group of human resources verbs. These verbs can be used to talk about human resources processes as well as workforce actions. Note that these verbs are not specific to human resources and can be used to talk about other topics as well.

Use the verbs in the appropriate form to complete the sentences below.

1. It is important to employers to be _______ for their work. Payment is no longer enough.

2. The staff were not satisfied with their salaries. They _______ the HR manager to reconsider their payments.

3. After receiving a series of poor evaluations, the company decided to _______ Larry.

4. Lotus Ltd. _______ people who are motivated, sharp, and smart.

5. HR manager ignored employee complaints, therefore, staff strikes began and the situation _______ .

6. HR department had to _______ HR policies to avoid ethical and financial issues.

7. Employee evaluations aim to help _______ both employee and company performance.

8. A member from each department is _______ the team to help address employee issues.

9. Nadia could not perform well in a group, so she talked to the manager. She will _______ the team as soon as someone takes her place.

10. Jack believes that senior members of the marketing team can _______ newcomers to become more involved.

11. Employees have the right to _______ in quarterly meetings and share their opinions.

12. Team leaders have to find ways to _______ their members to better perform as a team.

Task 1

Using the verbs above and the example as a model, write a summary about the HR department in your company.

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