Although Business English courses discuss many aspects of business and introduce useful jargons, I always felt they lacked an important piece of the puzzle. Of course, there was a good reason for this: the fact that business law is different from one country to another, and international business laws and regulations only explain how countries can manage business with companies of other countries, but even when it comes to dispute, the contract will determine which country’s justice system will be referred to in case of possible disagreements or legal issues.

    Business Law is a matter that is only attended to by lawyers and sometimes even legal departments, much like accounting and finance which requires certain expertise. My purpose is not and will not be to discuss legal matters or act as a teacher of business law. However, I do believe that it is necessary for a business owner or a business owner to be, and even an employee to be aware of the laws related to their field of work.

    It is also beneficial to know certain legal terms which are used frequently in business settings. When discussing contract articles and particulars, when attending or participating in board meetings and annual meetings, when discussing financial agreements or disputes, and many other occasions, knowledge of such terms can help avoid serious mistakes. Understanding the legal jargon is perhaps even more important than other business words, as they can affect the future of a business in a more direct manner compared to other fields.

    Also, In order to make these jargons feel more natural, I believe they should be studied in their own context: the law. Studying the law can be confusing and even boring, but I have created flashcards with highlighted words, and I have recorded the audio of each article to make it easier to practice them. I hope you understand the rationale and during a break, take a sip of your hot drink and a flashcard from the laws relevant to your field of work. I am gradually adding flashcards and you can review them as many times as you wish. Just remember to be patient while the files are uploading, as they may take a few seconds. Click on each to enlarge and to hear the audio.


Iran Electronic Commerce Law

Iran Electronic Commerce Law

Iran Customs Law

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