I am a Business English coach. My goal is to help learners successfully transfer their knowledge of business to international grounds. I also address local (in my case Iran) and international business related issues to update class materials. Therefore, I do not rely solely on coursebooks. To allow for a more practical course, I collaborate with my students on the syllabus. The process directs the course to better meet learner needs. It also guides me in choosing the best materials and tools to achieve our course goals.

    I am an MBA student and a TEFL graduate. I recently finished finance and I am soon going to attend strategy classes. As a Business English coach, I strive to help business people improve their Business English skills. If you need to know more about my educational and professional background, read below.

برای فارسی زبانان: درباره الهه احسانفر

What types of courses do I teach?
Course Type Course days Session length
Face-to-face (Tehran,Iran) weekdays – weekend 60 min*
Distance weekdays – weekend 20 min*

*  Session length can be modified to better serve the learner.


My Educational Background

    I studied computer software and IT, each for two years, but I dropped out to study English. Now I have an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). During my studies I translated texts and book chapters in various fields, one of which was management. Business English has always been a part of my life.

    I also took up a web design course, IC3,  and accounting-intro and advance. I had access to up-to-date information because of my knowledge of English. My first management text was given to me for translation as a university project more than 10 years ago. From that moment, combined by my first introduction to management course at the university, I could not help looking for more. I hope this is the same reason why you are here, reading this.


My professional Background

    As a commercial expert, I managed international the international correspondence, dealing with purchase processes and related management meetings. Making sure all managers were aware of the status of every purchase was another self-made responsibility, therefore, I prepared and delivered purchase status reports. I also prepared a monthly financial status of purchases. This helped us keep track of the payments, installments (if there were any), and future payments that had to be made.

    I worked as an MD assistant, which gave me lots of opportunities to learn about different processes in the organisation. Fortunately, opportunities to also make positive contributions.


My contributions
  • coordinating deputy activities, collecting and modifying reports.
  • Suggesting and holding weekly meetings among senior managers as well as providing status reports on tasks referred to the departments
  • observing and analyzing processes, especially among departments, reporting on unattended issues and suggesting solutions. These included office processes as well as the plant.
  • listening to staff problems and suggesting solutions; requesting management intervention where needed
  • collecting an entire body of reports in the commercial department and requesting for certain reports for a more comprehensive analysis and better integration of activities; adding financial reports and booking status to the reports for smoother management of operations between the two departments.
  • Suggesting strategic planning to identify goals and objectives so that both managers and staff could develop a more tangible sense of progress and to induce staff motivation through a sense of achievement in the short/long run.
  • attending all international meetings, providing information, reports, etc where needed.


    These experiences have helped me better understand how an organization works, when it fails to work effectively, and how to address the issues and solve them. Reading on plant processes and equipment, HR, financial, business, and strategy articles, etc was an everyday activity. Due to the variety of my experiences, I am more aware of the differences between the needs of business persons depending on their position in the organization. My background helps me understand the importance of my job as a Business English coach.