Knowledge of Business Law and regulations in the country in which one lives and works can make that person become an outstanding business owner or a much more valuable employee. It might seem too much of a burden to read all there is about the business and the country before starting work or a business but it is possible, with these flashcards, to learn one or two articles of the laws related to our work or business.

Foreign Investment Incentives

    Reading Business Law is not a laborious task, and it does not have to be a one time thing. You can take your time, even screen through the flashcards and choose to read the ones than may interest you. I have also provided recordings for the flashcards, which can help with listening practice as well as pronunciation.

    I am making the following flashcards at the moment, highlighting important and technical vocabulary as well as recording the audio files to accompany them for better practice. They may not be from your country, but you can still practice English and make use of them if you do business with or in Iran. You can also find the same laws of your country while you see the ones from mine here.


Commercial Code of Iran

Iran Customs Law

Electronic Commerce Law of Iran