contributors to globalization

Contributors to Globalization

    Globalization did not happen overnight.  The change did not occur solely due to recent technological advancements either, regardless of its remarkable impact on the process. It was brought about by various factors combined. A series of events can be marked as contributors to globalization. Globalization has been evolving into what we know today through the slow consistent growth of the scales and methods of conducting business. Some of these contributors are discussed here.

Declining shipping costs

    In the past, not a long one, transportation and shipping was limited to areas geographically close to businesses. The costs of shipping and delivery were too high to allow the idea of international business enter the minds of business persons. The means were scarce and the markets unknown. Today, shipping costs continue to drop, giving businesses a chance to present their goods overseas. Shipping means have become diverse, and more accessible.

Flow of Information

    Among the contributors to globalization, flow of information must be on the top of the list. Not only more accurate information is available, but the myriad of data can be processed thanks to advancing technologies. Thus, it is possible to research a market or even the people on the other side of the world. Today, businesses can gather information about their interests, hobbies, habits, and dreams, therefore, better segmenting and targeting their potential buyers. This tempts any business to consider entering new markets, extending their business boundaries past those of the countries. Information flow is perhaps the the most important catalyst of globalization.

contributors to globalization

Services Found Their Platform

    Services have found their place online. The internet may be the best place to offer services today. Besides, considering the abundance of competition, quality constantly improves while prices frequently drop. We are long past those days when reading and writing were only associated with royalties. Education and up-to-date knowledge is not far away. The price is almost close to none considering the never-ending options available online. All you need to upgrade your skills and knowledge is a good internet access, and a strong will. 

Mobile Job Market

    The possibility to enter other job markets from home was a great contributor to globalization. From white-collars and freelancers, no matter they profession, the job market has expanded to nearly the whole world. People can easily enter a job market any where in the world without taking one step out of their house. Besides, People have the option to work remotely on certain days. Thus, they have the chance to manage personal matters and work. Working remotely benefits businesses three folds: better staff, happier employers, and lower costs.

    Globalization is the result of consistent improvements and growths of systems. People, services, and goods are available in most parts of the world today. These new resources can be used to society’s advantage. It is time to embrace changes and contribute to them. It is a chance to move beyond comfort zones. To make transformations to become a member of a much larger society.

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