Before you begin a Business English course, you need to take several preliminary steps. You need to check your level of English and see of you are eligible for a Business English course. If you lack enough general English knowledge, A Business English course may turn into a challenge rather than a means of improvement. You also need to learn about learning styles and processes. Language learning techniques are the last step to help you make the best of your course.

Before you begin learning Business English, you need to make sure you whether you are at the right level of proficiency. This means that you need to be an intermediate level speaker of English. If you find understanding the content of this website challenging, then you need to work on your general English first.

To learn about your current level of English, you can take a placement test online. To make it more methodical, I will provide you with tools to understand where you are in terms of your knowledge of English. If you prefer a more free style of learning, then this is not suitable for you.


In order to make language learning more efficient, word lists have been compiled based on language corpora (body of spoken or written texts). Word lists are helpful in guiding learners’ focus on the words that provide a wider coverage of texts. The General Service List (GSL) is one of the oldest word lists also known as the 2000 most frequent words in English.

Research shows that this list covers approximately %80 of written texts. This means that if you know these 2000 words, you are able to understand about 80% of the texts you read. Therefore, it is a very useful tool for you to keep record or the words you know. You may also keep a list of the words you need to learn to make sure you can understand most of the English texts you read.

An updated word list has been created recently to cover more of the new vocabulary that has been coined and used since the GSL word list was introduced. The New General Service List (NGSL) gives you an updates list of words you encounter in texts and their definition.

This can be your very first and very small list of words to learn, and improve your ability to understand the majority of texts you meet. The links to both word lists have been provided above. Simply download them, and make an excel file or any other type that helps you add information and keep a record of your English vocabulary.

After you have made sure you have covered these basic words, you are ready to move on to more specialized vocabulary lists. You can find more in the linguistic competencies section.

If you are a Persian speaker, check out this link before you begin: لیست کلمات عمومی زبان انگلیسی


Another prerequisite to a business course includes understanding basic English grammar. If you wish to know where you stand in this regard, you can take a test online. English First (EF) provides a free English grammar test. Before you being your Business English endeavor, first take the test. Then, you can start working on the areas in need of improvement.

To find your level of English, take a placement test from EF:

When you make sure you are in command of basic English grammar, you can move on to Business English. Grammar guides in relation to business activities are provided in the linguistic competencies. You can also start with the fundamentals of Business English grammar.

Learning styles and and habits

Learning styles are central to every learning process. Every individuals approaches learning at different times of the day. They also use strategies that best serve their learning. Although working hard is said to pay off, spending too much time on learning in a short period may become counterproductive. Before you begin your course, check the link below to learn more about learning styles.