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We believe in regular improvements to create an up-to-date informative and enjoyable language learning experience for you. Read the introduction below to get a sense of what we do and how we do it.

English & Business Combined

Business English today is much more than vocabulary and grammar. A business English course can move beyond the traditional language teaching boundaries and actively participate in providing information as well as pleasure to language learners. The competency-oriented framework aims at addressing the needs of Business English learners as an individual and a professional. In addition, information gathered from international organizations is offered to learners as content that is contemporary, informative, and practical. You can learn English as well as what is currently going on around the world that can potentially affect your business.

adaptable to the needs of business owners, employees, and students

business English competencies

If you are a business owner, you can collaborate with your English teacher to create a course specific to your needs and wishes, enjoy the latest information on topics of interest to you and your business, and decide on your ultimate goal to learn Business English and plan the course accordingly.
If you are an employee looking to improve your communication skills in an international environment, you can work with your teacher to discover the areas where you would like to improve yourself. Professional topics (business, finance, HR,
etc) as well as individual skills (emotional regulation, giving presentations, effective

communication, and more) can be addressed within a flexible course designed by you and your teacher.

If you are a student or you are just interested in learning more about business and learning English at the same time, you and your teacher can come up with a course that includes your desired skills and competencies. While you inform your teacher about the areas and topics of your interest, your teacher integrates them with your preferred skills and competencies to create a course tailored to your needs.

what are Business English Competencies?

Business English Competencies are brought together in a language teaching framework to provide a more holistic and practical experience for the learners of business English. To learn more about what each competency entails, refer to our course framework.

Commit to improving yourself

Do you feel excited and restless when you are in international business settings? Are you hungry for improving your business and professional career to the next level? You are one step away from proactively moving towards your desired image for the future: contact us to start your business English journey.