English is a means of communication. It is not the communication itself. As a teacher, I have spent many years trying to better understand people, to communicate with them, and to help them communicate with others. The result was the competency-oriented framework.


    The framework I have introduced here has become a guideline which helps me improve the way I address the needs of my learners, as a language learner as well as an individual and a member of the society at large. I want my learners to learn and improve the way they express themselves and communicate with others. To me, they are more than English students, they are individuals with certain talents, abilities, and character, all of which I aspire to integrate with the syllabus I design for them.


Course framework


    My ultimate goal is to develop courses which are holistic and humanistic in nature. I strive to develop a more individual-centered approach rather than a pure learner-centered one; an individual whose needs are more than grammatical and vocabulary needs; an individual who has the desire to express himself the best way he can using grammar and vocabulary; one whose traits and capabilities I can use to improve how I teach throughout the course.