Health, Safety, and Environment

Businesses these days affect the environment and the community around them on many levels. They can be vary profitable and provide jobs for the community. But they can also impose risks to local businesses, the environment, or the community, if they neglect their social responsibilities. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) organizations provide businesses with certain rules and regulations regarding each of the concerns mentioned above.

With HSE guidelines, businesses have a clear sense of how to act more responsibly towards their employees, the community , and the environment. Instructions and checklists are provided to help organizations implement and evaluate their processes and activities. This involves businesses in production, manufacturing, an exploration in particular.

The environment faces risks in terms of pollution made by manufacturing and exploration operations. The workforce are also at a higher risk in such operations. Construction, operating heavy machinery, dealing with heights and heat are only a few examples of places where human lives may be at risk. These regulations not only benefit the society and the environment, but they increase the ability of an organization to manage its risks and protect its labor force.

Aspects receiving attention in this area include health, safety, environment, security, and social economics. To know more about what each entails, check out the following link:,_safety,_and_environment_(HSE)

Task 1

Do some online research and answer these questions:

  1. Do you have an HSE national organization? Find out about what it does.
  2. In which industries are HSE organizations more active in your country?
Task 2
  1. Use the following link to help you understand how you can write a health and safety policy:
  2. Make an outline of the items you would like to address in your business. Then, write a short explanatory paragraph to express your concern and solution for each.
  3. If you work in a manufacturing company, ask your HSE department about which issues they are addressing at the moment. Collect the information and use it to write a paragraph or two about HSE in your workplace. (Remember to keep your writings in your Business English portfolio as reference.)

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