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    Simple present form of the verb is used frequently in business settings. It is used to introduce a person or a company to others. It is also used regularly in reports to provide information about the status of a business. We can say that the simple present tense is widely used in Business English. Let us go through some examples to see how prominent and useful this tense is. The following paragraph introduces Jack Bender. The second part introduces a company. The last paragraph is a summary of a sales and marketing status report. All sentences in these three paragraphs are in simple present.

Who is Jack Bender?

Jack Bender is a business partner in Lotus Ltd. He is one of the founders of the company. Jack is the head of the marketing department. He is very enthusiastic about his work. While his partner Lawrence, the CEO of the company, goes on business trips, he also takes care of his responsibilities. Jack and Lawrence are lifelong friends and successful business partners. They both trust each other to do what is best for their business. Every month, Jack prepares marketing reports and presents it to Lawrence and the other heads of the departments. They discuss possible strategies to improve sales. Jack is quite open to new ideas and opinions. He considers every suggestion and gives feedback to the team. The team also relies on his expertise.

Lotus Ltd.

Lotus Ltd. is a trading company in Paris, France. It mainly supplies spare parts to plants. Lawrence Beckett and Jack Bender are the founders of the company. The company CEO is Lawrence Beckett and the head of the marketing department is Jack Bender. Lotus is an international business. The company is a small one but the revenues are not. Currently Lotus has 12 members of staff, but the company’s annual revenue is about $7M. Lotus Ltd. aims to increase this number to $65M in 5 years.

The Sales and Marketing Status Report

    Currently we have ten active orders. The orders are mainly from cement plants. Two manufacturers supply these spare part orders. Out of ten orders, three are ready for shipping, and two are in the manufacturing process. The other five orders need to be delivered in three months. We need specifications from one company and confirmations from the other four to move to place order from manufacturing. The total orders of this months are fifteen so far. The earnings of this month are higher than the last seven months.

Real-world Example: Unilever

The link below provides an example of how Unilever uses present simple to introduce its business:

As you can see in all examples, the information are true in general. These are the facts. Some sentences, however, show that an action occurs regularly. Then simple present is used to convey both. You can use the examples to write about yourself, your company, or your business status. All you need is to find the right vocabulary.

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